Melbourne Sprints Series is dynamic adventure races usually consisted of 4-8 legs depending on location. We usually utilise all the most remarkable features which area has on offer.


Adventure tasks

Adventure tasks are addition to classic legs. Depends on what terrain of event looks like.

This may be some simple orienteering stages, some rope activities and water sections. Adventure activities do not require any specific skills or equipment, everything will be provided by organisers.

All what you need is  just sense of adventure.




A String


is literally a line marked on a map which teams have to follow, without any directional markers or tapes out on the terrain. Teams will need to stay on the line in order to find a number of CPs scattered along it. The exact number of CPs on this line, will be given to teams before the start in their CP description sheet. Most likely you will follow river, creek, watercourse or shoreline to find CPs. 


Example is given on the picture, teams should follow pink line (watercourse). There was one CP along this line.




A road book
is a part of the route which is followed by use of a diagram/schematic map of road & track junctions, as well as the distances between junctions. On the course map, there will be an entrance and exit to/from the Road book section shown.  In some points of this section there will be CPs and teams will find them by following the Road book. But CPs are not marked on the map. Teams are advised to use bike computers/odometers. GPS devices are allowed if map can not be uploaded.  
Kayaking is on a flat water area of a lake or river. Organisers provide kayaks, paddles and PFD's. The kayaks provided are South Aftican double Taucan touring sit- on- top kayaks (please refer to the link). Kayaks are very stable and relatively fast. If you're not familiar with paddling, contact Jarad from PeakAdventure and come to his training sessions to build up your kayaking skills.  You're welcome to use your own crafts. 
Mountain bike sections will be along mostly unsealed roads and singletracks. However, there are some sections of sealed roads on the course. Whilst traffic is light, we do not have exclusive use of them. Roads are not closed to other traffic. You should therefore ride defensively and comply with Victorian Road Rules. Generally it’s not technical MTB.  
Running stages will use singletracks, mostly unsealed roads and sometimes will require to go off-track. Off-road runners are recommended. 
Navigation is important, though if you able to read street directory you will be able to navigate Melbourne Sprint Series courses. 





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