Race # 1 Sprint Series 2013, Lilydale, 10th of February, Event wrap-up


The actual start of the race was when Maria and Serge sat one day on a bench at the shore of little lake at  Lilydale watching beautiful sunset and dived deep into their thought about how to make Andrew Baker and bunch of other experienced guys not get bored and make novices and family teams  to have some fun. Where these thoughts went you could see 10th of February 2013.

All bright ideas should have some punishment. The punishment had few different faces: "oh no, can we skip this stage?", "oh no, I do not know how to do it, I can only read street directory", "or my God, what is that?", "I was beaten by electric fence", "Are you sure it's all right with this stage?", “That was HARD”. 


Weather forecast was quite promising- a little bit of rain and not super hot – just around plus 25, comfortable for all types of activities involved-  running/trekking, kayaking, stand up paddling (SUP), mountain biking and what is the most important- brainstorming.

28 teams lined up at the start at 9 AM and headed up to the envelopes with maps of the first leg. About 4 km of run and 8 CPs - just a normal orienteering leg, with not many route choices. However, some teams did quite a good choice- just did not take a map and followed the leader (as there was couple of envelopes left after all teams were gone).

In half an hour Birthday boys Andrew Baker and Gary Freudigmann showed up first and took off in one second with MTB tag and maps.  

MTB section also consisted of just eight CPs. Although all looked simple from the beginning it appeared to be quite a tricky one later on. First difficulty- to find the start of road book section, second difficulty –find out how road book works (as rumors said collective thinking helped), third difficulty to manage to read all description and get the whole picture at once, to figure out that three other checkpoints are hidden at the area far from the finish of road book and if not to work out where they were at the right time – a couple of extra kilometers to ride.   


As Birthday boys went to MTB section, other teams headed out to different legs and I would not manage to remember who went where now as it all was a mess of a different strategies. What else we had on offer on Sunday: little maze.

Maze was simple but looked as a monster. I just include picture of it without getting into deep explanation.

Sprint orienteering leg. Small map but with big number of hours we put into it.  A lot of details to work out and arithmetic required to add up 20 numbers and get a final figure. Just one CP but 20 places to visit. Some teams although spotted CP before and cheated a little bit. 

Kayaking leg. Stable sit-on-top kayaks, just one CP on the satellite image with another 4 CPs somewhere on the lake. Each subsequent CP’s location provided on the previous one. Some teams went for one CP only and came back, then realizing there were few more to go did it again.

Stand up paddle board. Those who made it at the morning were quite quick. Others had some difficulties later on as wind was whispered up (it started to be a bit boring at the start area, main board and spectators wanted the show). To paddle these 100 meters became quite a challenge.  


Bonus leg supposed to be a ripper.  Satellite image with a line to follow and schematic description of 5 CPs. Bush bashing and bog smashing were the highlights. Birthday boys worked out places for the CPs and did not follow the line, what made their lead even more comfortable and the overall victory is clear. Was it allowed? It was not prohibited, and it is a certain risk to cut corners. 

Teams spread out across the course as it was a choice of order of legs. However, common tactic was to do kayaking leg and Stand-Up-paddle leg together.  About 12 teams completed to bonus leg and few more (including Family teams) did part of it.   


Mixed category was predictably smashed by Paul and Dimity (Mick you left you back pack). I like their team name. Even though it was not Mick but there was a guy who literally left his backpack after the SUP leg, it would not be a big problem if he did not take the one of other guy while he was paddling.

Female category’s dominators Lisa Downs and Kate Gavens made quick and reliable navigational decisions moving fast and efficient along the course. What else can you expect from the Team Speed dating?

Family teams field was as strong as never before. Team Psychomotion of Jacob and Michael Ingles got the biggest number of CPs and was the first to cross the finish line.

Presentation followed up a bit later than it was supposed to. We are very sorry about that but we tried to wait as many teams as possible before to run it. However, it was worth to wait as we had an incredible number of lucky draw prizes from Foot Pro and Shotz.  


The other highlights of the event - our volunteers. We have never had such a great bunch of people to help us out.  Paul (who besides won the Mixed category), Andy (whose son besides was 3d in Family category), Nick, Susan who travelled a long way to get to Lilydale, Dasha, Alex, Eugene and all who helped a lot after the finish- THANK YOU guys!

Your help is much appreciated!

Results and photos are coming up soon!

Hope to see you all at Lederderg 2/3 of March and Lysterfield next at 14th of April then!