Westerfolds Park Sprint Series'12 Race Course


Race will start with prologue, where teams will have to solve a couple of adventure quests. 

After the prologue teams will complete seven sprint legs in any order. 

The fastest team completed prologue and all seven stages is the winner!

Participants friendly logistic is what's on offer in Sprint Series. 

Event center is close to the parking, all you need is just to bring all you gear to Transition Area which is located straight near the start and finish line. 

Start of kayak is also quite close to the start and TA.

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Approximate timings for the course 



Est. Fast time

Est. Slow time Description
Run 20 40  Classic orienteering stage, navigation level is easy.
Mountain bike 20 40 Non-technical MTB.
Kayaking 20 40 Kayaking stage in Yarra River, one way and then back. About 2,5-3 km.
Road book 30 60 Follow the directions of road book section information sheet. Technical MTB along single trails, map board is recommended. Bike computer or GPS watch recommended to successfully complete the stage. Bike computer is preferable.
Adventure orienteering 15 30 Running and orienteering with 'adventure' map.
Adventure task 1 5 10 Good compass is recommended for this stage. 
 Total 115 240 Lead racers are expected to finish within 2 hours ,  last time is expected to be under 4 hours and 20 minutes.


 Race scheme:  




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