8-hour Winter Challenge - The Race That Met Expectations...

Rushworth and Waranga Basin was the location of the 8-hour Winter Challenge organised by new Melbourne-based adventure race company “Adventure Junkie” - Maria and Serge. Expectations of the race were set high with promised electronic timing and checkpoints placed in correct positions and………….. YES they delivered.
The maps were accurate and with added touches including pre-lamination of the larger scale map for the kayak stage and two sets of every map per team, competitors enjoyed the navigation as well as the riding/biking/kayaking in a beautiful part of country Victoria.
The pace was quick from the onset with a 12km paddle via three checkpoints for those on the Pro course.
 Team AWOC were first off the water ahead of Peak Adventure. Competitors then raced through the ironbark woodlands on their bikes to a trek rogaine section. The 12km (9 checkpoint) rogaine gave competitors the challenge of route choice as well as navigation, and there were plenty of smiles as all checkpoints were found at the correct locations. Peak adventure started the rogaine first and managed to hold off Team Blackheart to enter the final bike stage with a 23min lead.

After three more checkpoints competitors arrived at the start of a ‘road book’ section (following written directions instead of a map) that provided extremely challenging and a lot of fun. Peak adventure completed the 90km race in 5hrs 17mins to win and finish 13 minutes quicker than the anticipated winning time. Blackheart was a clear second, 27 minutes later to win the mixed category ahead of Team It’s All Good.

Competitors on the Lite course completed the same course as the Pro course teams apart from the kayak stage. The Lite course was won by Team Chocolate Teapots in just under 5 ½ hours.

Kathryn Ewels, team BlackHeart